1. Overview

Founded in 2000, TEKWARE. Specializes in the development, manufacturing, and sales of power conversion devices(SMPS, Ballast, LED converter, PoE, etc..). The R&D Center, which Re-established in 2011, has been constantly focusing on developing high-quality and reliable products.

The R&D Center does not only develop power conversion devices for CCTV and IT appliances which have been the core of our development efforts ; but it is expanding its efforts to the development of power conversion devices related to next-generation new and renewable environmental energy, such as solar energy conversion devices.

We will spur our technology development to be a leading company both in the domestic and international power conversion device fields,

2. Technology

3. Intellectual Property

Division Registration
Description Registered
Utility Model
0239224 Switching Model Power Supply 2001.07
Patent 0446990 Electronic HID Ballast 2004.08
Patent 0455935 Electronic HID Ballast Circuit 2004.10
Patent 0460415 HID Ballast (Full Bridge drive type) 2004.11